To Promote the Greater Englewood Business Community

Our businesses are the heart of the city.  We are unique, diverse and sometimes eclectic, yet we all have the same purpose – to be the best at what we do and share our businesses with our local community and the greater metropolitan area.  As a chamber we are dedicated to promoting our member businesses in a manner that builds each business and showcases the best of who our business members are and what their products or services provide.

To Develop strong Community Relationships

We recognize that the Englewood community is a great valuable resource to our businesses.  The Greater Englewood Chamber is dedicated to facilitating strong community ties that sustain our businesses, support the community and build a relationship between business and the citizens and city government.  We will provide opportunities such as events and activities to support this vision.

To be a Voice for our Community

Apart, our businesses have the many voices of small and large businesses.  As a chamber, we will listen to these voices and share with the community the shared voice of our members.  It is through this voice that we lobby for the concerns of our members and the community as a whole.